What Solidarity Means to Us

As a group of people who work, study, and organize, and are differently affected and wholly outraged by Israel’s colonization and occupation of Palestine, we come together in order to learn from each other and to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

We support, in principle and in practice, the call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions  (BDS) as issued and endorsed by Palestinian civil society in 2005.

We understand Zionism as an ideology that rests on the violent theft of Palestinian land and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people and culture. This includes the Israeli blockade of Gaza, the Apartheid wall with/in the West Bank, and the policing and segregation of Palestinian citizens of Israel.

We oppose attempts to normalize relations with Israel and the occupation of Palestine, whether economic, political or cultural. This includes “pinkwashing”, wherewith Israel paints itself as an LGBT oasis while trotting out racist, Islamophobic tropes about the Arab world, as well as so-called “dialogue” projects that are “based on the false premise of symmetry/parity between the oppressors and the oppressed or that claim that both colonizers and colonized are equally responsible for the ‘conflict’…”*

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In Support of UAW Local 2865

We commend UAW 2865 for the even-handed and principled election in which the 14,000 membership was amply presented with, and fully engaged with, information from both “pro” and “con” BDS arguments. This worker-centered and democratic process resulted in a 65% pro-BDS vote.

We condemn the UAW International Executive Board for its nullification of Local 2865’s worker-centered vote for BDS, and the IEB refusal to strengthen international labor solidarity by respecting the call of Palestinian labor unions for support for BDS.

Read the attached PDF  for our full statement.